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Shamanic Breathwork is a methodology employing Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB)for approximately one and a half hours to induce an altered state of consciousness. In the process you connect with your Inner Healer and by so doing clear emotional blockages, old wounds, and dysfunctional patterns. This allows pleasurable feelings to emerge, often resulting in a deep sense of peacefulness and tranquility. There is an integration of these feelings, transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of peace.

Typically participants will also experience ecstatic, numinous states that connect them with their Higher Self, receiving valuable insights and guidance as various spirit helpers come forth to offer their wisdom to assist you along your soul’s path.

The workshop is limited to 12 people.

The first hour Dr. Farmer will describe what to expect from the process, detail the breathing patterns invcrolved, and give instructions to those who are “sitters.” Sitters are those who are in the role of supporting those who are breathing. Dr. Farmer will supervise the group and lend his support and expertise whenever needed. After the break everyone will switch roles. Music is played throughout the session to facilitate the journey and help induce the altered state to facilitate the Inner Healer coming forth.

Bring one or twos pillow, an eye mask, a yoga mat and an adventurous and willing spirit!

$150.00 at the door

$125.00 if registered before October 9th
$140.00 if registered October 9th-October 22nd

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